3 bargain free agents Braves should sign to continue World Series quest

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2. Adam Duvall

How many reunions are too many for Duvall and the Braves? The slugger and slick fielder has had an extremely inconsistent career, but the Braves could use the depth from a player they are familiar with and who would be a clubhouse fit. Duvall had a great run with the Red Sox before cooling off quickly. The veteran would benefit from being given another chance in Atlanta.

The Braves could use a right-handed option in the outfield as well, with Ozuna being best suited for the DH role. Duvall was with the Braves from 2018-2022. with a stop with Miami breaking his time in Atlanta up.

Last year in Boston was the first season since 2018 the team hasn't had Duvall in a Braves uniform at some point in the regular season. He's become a forgotten contributor to Atlanta's last World Series, and would bring more power to the bench. He's a great potential injury replacement, able to play all three spots in the outfield or to step in and DH if Ozuna struggles.

Perhaps this would be one time too many to bring Duvall back, but considering the current market, the Braves and Duvall have very little to lose.