3 bargain free agents Braves should sign to continue World Series quest

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1. Tim Anderson

Give Orlando Arcia the role he deserves as a utility player and depth piece. After a hot start to the 2023 season, Arcia faded down the stretch and completely shrunk in the season's biggest moments against the Phillies. Arcia had no answers in the postseason and let the moment get in his head.

Atlanta needs to bring in someone to compete with Arcia, and why not offer Tim Anderson a one-year prove-it deal to do just that? It is the type of potential bargain that fits the Atlanta front office, and would give Atlanta the chance to improve an already great lineup.

This is less about Anderson as a fit and more about getting Arcia out of the starting lineup. Yes, he is a great defender and a hitter who is relied on lower in the lineup. However, if you can have that production and flexibility on the bench, along with a Duvall or Votto, you have similar depth to the 2021 World Series team.

Atlanta cannot become complacent and believe that they can rely on Sale and the bullpen to push them past the Phillies. The team needs better offensive depth and players that bring energy. Anderson fits that description and gives the team a chance to find a bargain at shortstop.