3 biggest questions facing the Milwaukee Brewers after another postseason failure

With the Milwaukee Brewers exiting the postseason in the Wild Card round, what lies ahead for the Brew Crew?
Wild Card Series - Arizona Diamondbacks v Milwaukee Brewers - Game Two
Wild Card Series - Arizona Diamondbacks v Milwaukee Brewers - Game Two / Stacy Revere/GettyImages
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3. Should the Brewers tear it all down?

If the Brewers can't manage to do either of the first two suggestions on this list (either due to free agents and trades simply not working out or budget concerns), would this team consider starting over? You have a myriad of veteran pieces that you could ship around the league to build up your farm system in hopes of building an equal to the top contenders in the National League.

Making this decision is going to be a difficult one considering how consistently this team is giving the franchise playoff chances. It isn't as if the Brewers are falling flat in the regular season. They simply are failing in the postseason due to injuries or missing a piece or two.

Adding to the roster and attempting to make one more playoff run with this same group is the right decision. However, if there is another sweep or playoff failure next season without any progress, that should be your signal that it is time to tear it all down.

We watched this work for both the Braves and more recently the Baltimore Orioles at a high level. At times, there is no other path and that is what the Brewers are going to have to weigh during this offseason.