4 overlooked Atlanta Braves who will hurt opponents this postseason

As the Atlanta Braves prepare to make their 2023 postseason debut, these are the players to be watching outside of Ronald Acuña Jr.

Atlanta Braves center fielder Michael Harris II
Atlanta Braves center fielder Michael Harris II / Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports
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Want four players from the Atlanta Braves to watch this postseason who aren't named Ronald Acuña Jr.? The four in this article could play big roles for the Braves as they try to get back to the Fall Classic.

1. Orlando Arcia

While Orlando Arcia's second-half numbers may have gone in the wrong direction, the shortstop remained a clutch hitter and an elite defender. When you have to wade through Austin Riley, Matt Olson, Ozzie Albies, and the obvious MVP in Acuña, it is going to be inevitable that mistakes are made further down the lineup or chances given to players that are far less feared.

Arcia remains one of the best stories of the 2023 season as a utlity player who was finally given his chance and took full advantage of it. While Arcia is easy to overlook in this stacked lineup, any Braves fan who watched the 2023 season closely will tell you Arcia can be every bit as dangerous as the rest of Atlanta's sluggers.

Timing is everything and Arcia seems to save his best contact for the biggest moments. Nothing about his stats jump off the page compared to Atlanta's other starters, but Arcia deserves respect and is going to have big moments during this postseason run for the Braves.

While many (this writer included) believed Atlanta made a mistake parting ways with Dansby Swanson, almost one year later nothing could further from the truth for a team that found the perfect shortstop in Arcia.