4 overlooked Atlanta Braves who will hurt opponents this postseason

As the Atlanta Braves prepare to make their 2023 postseason debut, these are the players to be watching outside of Ronald Acuña Jr.
Atlanta Braves center fielder Michael Harris II
Atlanta Braves center fielder Michael Harris II / Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports
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2. Travis d'Arnaud

Outside of managing the Braves bullpen, the toughest job for Brian Snitker is going to be getting both d'Arnaud and Sean Murphy consistently in the lineup. With Marcell Ozuna putting together a superb second half, the DH spot is locked in for the Braves and the catchers will have to share time, with both bringing strong skill sets and arguments to start over the other.

d'Arnaud had a rough 2023 season, but the catcher has a strong postseason history and, at times, has led the charge for this Braves offense. Sean Murphy may have had the more complete season, but the Braves catcher with the best postseason history is still d'Arnaud.

Both players are going to be given plenty of chances and if you're an Atlanta Braves fan you expect something great to happen anytime d'Arnaud walks to the plate despite how the 2023 season went. Atlanta's catching duo has an argument as the best in the postseason and will give the team an advantage at the position.

Having the ability for a late pinch hit from either catcher sets up what looks to be a solid bench unit for the Braves.