4 overlooked Atlanta Braves who will hurt opponents this postseason

As the Atlanta Braves prepare to make their 2023 postseason debut, these are the players to be watching outside of Ronald Acuña Jr.
Atlanta Braves center fielder Michael Harris II
Atlanta Braves center fielder Michael Harris II / Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports
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3. Michael Harris II

The fact that Harris makes a list of Braves that could be overlooked heading into the 2023 postseason speaks to this team's offense. If you're ranking offensive threats for Atlanta after getting past the obvious MVP, you have Olson, Riley, Albies and Ozuna are the obvious choices.

There isn't an easy out in this Atlanta lineup, however, and Harris is a young improving player that is built for the postseason. Harris is an elite defender in center who is going to save runs during Atlanta's postseason run while having the ability to contribute at the plate and distract pitchers on the bases.

While he may not be Atlanta's best base thief, Harris has elite speed that is going to be a distraction anytime the young center fielder gets on base. Harris is a complete player and still only 22 with plenty of reason to believe he will continue to improve.

Even if his bat doesn't live up to expectations, there is still plenty of reasons to continue to start one of the best center fielders in the game. It is easy to make the argument Harris is a team's third- or fourth-most important player on a number of other postseason teams, speaking to Atlanta's depth.