5 Atlanta Braves most likely to be traded this offseason

The Atlanta Braves have a number of key players that could be moved in the right deal considering what they each brought
Division Series - Atlanta Braves v Philadelphia Phillies - Game Four
Division Series - Atlanta Braves v Philadelphia Phillies - Game Four / Kevin D. Liles/Atlanta Braves/GettyImages
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Any trades the Atlanta Braves make this offseason will be about making a postseason push. Atlanta's historic 2023 lineup flamed out in the postseason, leaving room to consider making offseason improvements. Atlanta has a great top of the rotation, but with questions about their depth it is possible the team looks at adding a starter or two as well.

Looking at the Braves roster five players stand out as the most likely to be moved in the right deal. While Atlanta won't be in a hurry to part ways with any of last year's roster, there are a number of trades that do make sense for both sides.

Keep in mind for a trade to work for the Atlanta Braves it must improve a position, shed unwanted salary, or bring in a veteran piece that can contribute in the postseason.

Atlanta's season ended for the second straight year in a frustrating fashion to the Phillies, this front office knows a change is needed. Whether it is one or two splashy moves or a myriad of smaller ones, Atlanta fans should expect big changes to be made around their core in the 2023 season. This could start with a player who was a great story and turned into a postseason villain.

1. Orlando Arcia

Looking at Arcia's numbers and considering his defense, trading the shortstop from the outside looks unlikely. Arcia was impressive early on for the Braves and came up with a number of clutch hits and memorable moments. Taking over for Dansby Swanson was never going to be easy, but clearly Atlanta made the right decision considering the contracts.

So what changed for Atlanta and Arcia? There are two factors here that should have the Braves considering moving on from the veteran utility player. The first is the obvious fact that Arcia's offense faded down the stretch of the season. His numbers fell off and in the postseason he was a non-factor against a team that challenged him.

The second reason is how Arcia handled the postseason attention and run-in with Bryce Harper. Arcia did nothing wrong with the initial comments. However, refusing to respond to Harper and going silent at the plate but feeling the need to engage with the fans as he did was telling. Atlanta could opt to keep Arcia but they should at the very least be willing to listen on the shortstop and actively search for an upgrade this offseason.