5 Atlanta Braves most likely to be traded this offseason

The Atlanta Braves have a number of key players that could be moved in the right deal considering what they each brought
Division Series - Atlanta Braves v Philadelphia Phillies - Game Four
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2. Mike Soroka

This move is about giving Soroka a fresh start and a reset, not a potential return which would be minimal for Atlanta. While it is tough to sell low on a pitcher of Soroka's talent the entire way, the situation was managed last season with the starter is odd. Soroka is healthy but after years of dealing with injuries isn't yet the ace he once was. It clearly is going to take time for Soroka to rebuild his confidence and to get back to the pitcher he is capable of being.

Atlanta needs a pitcher of his ability, but they lack the rotation spot or patience to allow Soroka to simply figure it out. Atlanta's choices are clearly either to have Soroka start the season in Triple-A and prove himself or to send the pitcher to a new landing spot and a fresh start.

Cheering for Soroka is easy after what the pitcher has endured. This offseason and whether or not he is traded shouldn't be business but about what is best for the player. Soroka doesn't carry a lot of trade value and is going to need the right team to be able to rebound. That's something Atlanta will take into consideration when weighing his future this offseason.