5 Atlanta Braves most likely to be traded this offseason

The Atlanta Braves have a number of key players that could be moved in the right deal considering what they each brought
Division Series - Atlanta Braves v Philadelphia Phillies - Game Four
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3. Vaughn Grissom

Grissom is an exciting young hitter who needs to improve his defense to be able to lock down a starting role. Grissom is perhaps the most likely Brave to be traded not due to any faults of his own but just a lack of a natural fit. The only way that Grissom starts for this team is if the Braves are willing to put him in left field and be patient with the defense.

Clearly, despite Arcia's struggles shortstop is not the position for a player who is going to make his way in the league based on his offensive production. This leaves Grissom as either a left fielder or a bench option. His bat needs to be in a lineup every night and that is why he spent of of the season in the minors last year.

Atlanta could look to build a trade package around Grissom to fix the shortstop, the bottom of the rotation, or the outfield. Regardless of the moves they choose to make, bringing Grissom back would be surprising. Atlanta fans already are expecting the young infielder to be moved before the 2024 season begins.