5 former Atlanta Braves the team could reunite with this offseason

There are some familiar names out there for whom a return to the Atlanta Braves could make a lot of sense.

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The Atlanta Braves have been one of the league's hottest teams when it comes to offseason rumors. Already the Braves have been rumored to be in on Aaron Nola and the prized free agent of the offseason (Shohei Ohtani) has gathered buzz as well.

Atlanta Braves fans clearly would love the idea of landing Ohtani or Nola. However, the more likely offseason for the Braves is a calmer one focused on plugging the hole in left field and adding depth to the rotation. This isn't to say splashy moves won't happen, but rather understanding that this front office has a history of looking for bargain deals and building from within.

Obviously, the postseason frustration of the past two seasons could be the catalyst that changes this strategy. Atlanta could view Nola or Ohtani as players who will pay for themselves and push the team into deeper postseason runs. But until they prove otherwise fans should be expecting a safer offseason one that could offer Atlanta a chance to reunite with former impact players.

When considering former Braves that are a fit for this team, there is one clear name that stands out in free agency that had the best moment of his career thus far for Atlanta.