5 former Atlanta Braves the team could reunite with this offseason

There are some familiar names out there for whom a return to the Atlanta Braves could make a lot of sense.
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1. Jorge Soler could reunite with Atlanta Braves

The Atlanta Braves World Series hero is a free agent once again after a two-year stint with the Miami Marlins. Soler had solid numbers with the Marlins but clearly lacked the offensive support around him the veteran needed to thrive. Soler's production at the plate is always going to be based around his power numbers and there isn't a lineup that will offer Soler more pitches to hit than Atlanta.

It is tough weighing Soler's impact in left field moving forward versus simply making the move out of a sense of nostalgia. Soler is a great power hitter and would be an upgrade over Kevin Pillar or Eddie Rosario. However, it comes down to price versus production and the market for Soler is yet to take shape.

With a myriad of options with the ability to fix their issues in left field, the Braves should be interested in bringing back Soler ... but only at the right price. There are plenty of clear fits in free agency as well as the possibility of moving Vaughn Grissom out to left field.

There is a move that could set up another potential reunion at a much cheaper price for the Braves.