5 former Atlanta Braves the team could reunite with this offseason

There are some familiar names out there for whom a return to the Atlanta Braves could make a lot of sense.
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2. Jason Heyward could reunite with Atlanta Braves

If the Atlanta Braves are going to take a big swing in free agency, they will likely save money by avoiding making a splashy move in the outfield. If Grissom is the Braves' answer to the hole in left field, the team needs a left-handed bat to pair with the young hitter.

Jason Heyward brought his career back to life with the Dodgers this past season and proved to be a surprising source of power. He isn't a starter at this point in his career. However, he would be a great veteran bench bat for this team.

Bringing Heyward in behind Grissom gives your roster a lot of flexibility as well. Grissom serves as a backup infielder with Heyward able to plug into either corner outfield spot. It is likely a cheap signing and the type of value deal that this front office is always hunting for.

Aside from the obvious fit, you also have a veteran leader who had the majority of his best seasons in a Braves uniform. Bringing back Heyward is not only nostalgic but fills a clear need for Atlanta and does so while saving money to improve the rotation or on another splashy move. If Grissom is unable to make the transition to left field, you have a reliable option as well you can bring in as a starter for a time.