5 MLB teams with the best chance to take down the Los Angeles Dodgers in 2024

The Dodgers have put the rest of the league on notice, becoming unquestioned title favorites with a dominate off-season
Los Angeles Dodgers Introduce Shohei Ohtani
Los Angeles Dodgers Introduce Shohei Ohtani / Meg Oliphant/GettyImages
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3. Atlanta Braves

After the Phillies, if there is one team that is going to stand in the Dodgers' way, it is the Atlanta Braves. The only thing Atlanta has to do to find a way back into World Series contention is find a way not to face Philly in the first round of the playoffs. It is a team that clearly has Atlanta's number come postseason time.

However, putting this aside and looking at the top of the rotation and this lineup, why can't the Braves beat the Dodgers in a series? You have the horses in the rotation to match up with LA, as long as Max Fried, Spender Strider, and Charlie Morton all remain healthy. Each is capable of beating anyone on their best day. Atlanta also possesses a lineup that might be the most complete group in baseball. They at least remain in the argument, even after LA's retool.

Aside from the MVP sitting atop the lineup, you have Matt Olson, Austin Riley, Ozzie Albies, Michael Harris, Sean Murphy, and Marcell Ozuna, all with reasons to believe they can take a step forward in their production next season. It is a lineup that isn't afraid of the Dodgers, and is going to put a lot of pressure on the top of LA's lineup to keep up.

The Dodgers may be stealing all the headlines this offseason, and rightly so, but don't forget what this Atlanta team accomplished and what they are capable of moving forward.