8 dream Atlanta Braves 2024 offseason trade targets

The Atlanta Braves should be an active team heading into the offseason after once again being ousted from the postseason by the Philadelphia Phillies
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The Atlanta Braves clearly need to make moves this offseason to fix the rotation and the outfield. While they still have arguably the best regular season lineup in the league, the Phillies have exposed these holes each of the past two seasons.

The last time Atlanta kept getting bested by the same team (Los Angeles Dodgers), it was aggressive trade moves that finally pushed them over the top. Atlanta's front office added Jorge Soler, Eddie Rosario, and Joc Pederson in an unbelievable haul.

Atlanta's trades played out perfectly in each round of the playoffs and ended with a 2021 World Series title. Perhaps this offseason the Braves might look to make a move with a similar impact long before the deadline. Looking around the league, obvious fits stand out for a team badly in need of an offseason boost.

With Eddie Rosario leaving and questions about Orlando Arcia, the team could look to make a splashy addition at either position. There is also the possibility that the team looks to add to the back end of the rotation despite the return of Charlie Morton. No question, this offseason is pivotal for this version of the Atlanta Braves and could set the stage for the team's second title in the last four seasons.

Here are eight players who could be dream additions for the Atlanta Braves this offseason