8 dream Atlanta Braves 2024 offseason trade targets

The Atlanta Braves should be an active team heading into the offseason after once again being ousted from the postseason by the Philadelphia Phillies

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1. Juan Soto

First let's address the obvious issues with this trade — the salary, a Scott Boras client, and a household name hitting the trade market. All of this adds up to the Braves spending a hefty price for what very well could be a one-year rental. It isn't the way this front office has done business or the type of deal that got their team their last title.

However, looking at why this deal makes sense is simple — adding Juan Soto gives the Braves the best outfield in baseball. There is zero question that having this trio of outfielders along with Marcell Ozuna at DH gives the Braves not only the best outfield, but unquestionably the best lineup.

Soto drove in 109 runs, scored 97 runs, and hit 35 homers last season. This is the type of production you would be adding to a lineup already anchored by Ronald Acuna Jr., Austin Riley, and Matt Olson. Can you imagine having to face this top four every night? And if you manage to get past them, you get to deal with Ozzie Albies, Ozuna, Michael Harris, and Sean Murphy.

It is a dream trade for Braves fans but one that is fun to imagine, and unquestionably pushes Atlanta ahead of Philly in the offseason.