8 dream Atlanta Braves 2024 offseason trade targets

The Atlanta Braves should be an active team heading into the offseason after once again being ousted from the postseason by the Philadelphia Phillies
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2. Mike Trout

The Atlanta Braves have done incredibly well at locking up their young stars and conserving payroll. Bringing in a player with a no-trade clause with around $250 million remaining on his deal is unlikely. However, if there was ever a player you consider making this move for, it is Mike Trout. Injuries have slowed Trout over the past seasons, making it easy to forget just how great the Angels outfielder has been.

Trout's production has gone in the wrong direction due to injuries. Still, the veteran is a career .301 hitter with 368 career homers, including a 40-homer season in 2022. Trout is still young for today's game and should have plenty of great seasons ahead of him.

If there is anything that could get Trout to waive his no-trade clause, it is joining a lineup like the Atlanta Braves have. Trout makes this a complete team and, just like Soto, gives them the best unit in the game.

Bringing this back down to earth, Trout would not only have to approve the trade but the Braves would have to be willing to take on the money, not yet having locked up Max Fried or having found a long-term answer at shortstop.