8 dream Atlanta Braves 2024 offseason trade targets

The Atlanta Braves should be an active team heading into the offseason after once again being ousted from the postseason by the Philadelphia Phillies

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3. Max Kepler

When looking at trade options that fit the Atlanta Braves front office, Kepler stands out. There isn't anything about Kepler's numbers that jumps out. However, Kepler was quietly great for a team now looking to shed payroll. If the Braves traded for Kepler, they could look to bring in a lefty option like a Joc Pederson or Jason Heyward to give them a complete outfield.

Kepler has above-average power and is a clear upgrade over Eddie Rosario or Kevin Pillar. Atlanta's priority is clearly going to be an outfielder to pair with their stars in center and left field. While Kepler isn't going to turn a lot of heads, his numbers would jump in this lineup and clearly make Atlanta much better.

The great thing about this move, unlike the first two, is it leaves Atlanta plenty of salary room to still look at fixing the back end of the rotation and making a move at the shortstop position. Arcia was a liability in the postseason, leaving room to wonder if that could be a priority over left field.