8 dream Atlanta Braves 2024 offseason trade targets

The Atlanta Braves should be an active team heading into the offseason after once again being ousted from the postseason by the Philadelphia Phillies
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7. Lane Thomas

Atlanta Braves fans are well aware of just how great Thomas was against Atlanta this past season. With Washington still far from competing in the NL East, could they part ways with the outfielder? While Thomas might not offer the numbers of a Trout or a Soto, he is still a perfect fit for this Braves offense and a huge upgrade over what the team had last season. While a trade in the division is unlikely, the Braves should at least pick up the phone and check in on one of the most underrated players of the 2023 season.

8. Tyler Glasnow

Another Tampa Bay Ray that the team is unlikely to extend and will look to cash in. The Braves adding Glasnow is a long shot but, just like Burnes or Cease, it pushes them over the top come postseason time. Charlie Morton is entering his age-40 season. As great as the veteran has been at defying Father Time, you need a third option you know you can count on when it matters most. Glasnow gives you just that.