Atlanta Braves: Reviewing the donut chicken sandwich that is sweeping Truist Park for the postseason

Before Game 1 of the NLDS, we stepped up to the plate for the “Chicken Ain’t Nothing But a Bird Blue” donut-chicken sandwich combo. Here's what we thought and where to get it.
Pregame scenes from Truist Park, home of the Atlanta Braves
Pregame scenes from Truist Park, home of the Atlanta Braves / Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

ATLANTA — Yes, the donut-chicken ensemble that is known as the “Chicken Ain’t Nothing But a Bird Blue” was impressive (even though we still don't exactly get the name of it). But was the sandwich worth the more than $26 it cost to not only get it, but also (yes) eat it? We stepped up to the plate along with some Atlanta Braves and Philadelphia Phillies fans to find out.

Reviewing the donut-chicken combination sandwich at Truist Park in time for the postseason

In case you missed it, my mouth was already watering when I saw the tweet come across earlier in the week teasing the new dish.

Now if you're a cardiologist, you've probably already shaken your head and clicked off the site after seeing that photo. Trust me, I get it. I about thought the same thing as I stood in line at the 1871 Grille near Section 215 inside Truist Park. It's one thing to think about ordering the monstrosity. However, when it's your turn to actually place the order, there is the, "What am I doing?" thought that creeps into your head.

However, I put the diet on hold and ordered the behemoth. With tax, it came out to just over $26. I walked away with a lighter wallet and bigger eyes for what I was seeing.

You will notice how my picture of the food differs from the official MLB photo...

Yes, it comes with fries as well, adding to the fried food wonder of it all. There are also green tomatoes on the sandwich as well, meaning it's somewhat healthy, right?

I attempted to bite into the sandwich and it was a complete mess. Luckily, right by Section 215 is a condiment cart that includes forks, knives and napkins. I highly recommend all of them. Mock me if you will for eating a sandwich with utensils, but this creation deserves it.

The sweet of the donut and the cripsy of the chicken went well together, and the fries provided a nice balance as well when you wanted a different taste. Trying to get the ratio of chicken and donut was tough as the bottom donut was completely crushed and drenched so if you're trying to get perfection with this dish, you'll be disappointed.

However, if you're looking for something that resembles state fair food this time of year, this will certainly scratch that itch. It will satisfy both the sweet and savory side of the equation. But is it worth that much? Well, personally, I think it could be less than $26 and be a better deal, but that's the most negative thing I have to say about the sandwich.

A pair of greasy, sticky thumbs up from me on this one. If you're coming to Truist Park for the Atlanta Braves postseason, it's worth at least checking out.

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