Grading NL Central front offices at midway point of 2024 MLB season

Tampa Bay Rays v Pittsburgh Pirates
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St. Louis Cardinals: John Mozeliak, president of baseball operations; Mike Girsch, general manager. Grade: C

The Mozeliak-Girsch front office was about as passive over the 2023-24 preseason as you’ll ever see an MLB front office act. Since the conclusion of the 2023 postseason, the Cardinals have made only 18 personnel moves impacting the major league roster. To date, those moves have broken evenly: eight positive, eight negative, two neutral.

The Mozeliak-Girsch signature activity was the signing of a trio of free agent starters. As a group, Kyle Gibson (+0.6),  Sonny Gray (+1.1) and Lance Lynn (-0.8), have generated a laudable +0.9 WAA.

The Cardinals entered 2024 counting on system outfield product Victor Scott for an infusion. Scott may one day blossom, but he hit .085 in 65 plate appearances before being returned to Triple-A. He’s one of four Cardinal rookies who have jointly contributed -1.2 games to the team’s cause.

Score: +0.3. Grade: C