The offseason moves to help the Philadelphia Phillies return to the World Series

What should Dave Dombrowski do in the offseason to help the Philadelphia Phillies get back to the offseason. Here are few avenues he could explore.

Championship Series - Philadelphia Phillies v Arizona Diamondbacks - Game Seven
Championship Series - Philadelphia Phillies v Arizona Diamondbacks - Game Seven / Tim Nwachukwu/GettyImages
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What about Rhys Hoskins and his Phillies future?

With Bryce Harper playing first base this season after Hoskins' freak ACL injury, Hoskins' future in Philadelphia has been up in the air. However, the Phillies severely missed his presence and bat in the playoffs. One scenario that Dombrowski could feel around is bringing Hoskins back to play first base, Harper to right field, Castellanos to left field and Marsh in center field.

It is still unsure whether or not Harper will be able to return to right field because of his arm, but if he can have his good friend in Hoskins to be able to return, you better believe he will make it happen. Hoskins has been the soul of this team before Harper got here and had to suffer through some of the worst times that the Phillies have had in their recent history.

I wouldn't say the Phillies owe Hoskins, but I, like many others, would love for him to return. It will definitely depend on the price tag, but Hoskins maybe willing to take a hometown discount. Adding Hoskins to this lineup will make it harder for teams to do what they in the NLCS.

While it is uncertain whether Hoskins will return to form batting-wise, but having him back in the lineup will be a huge for this teams morale. If Hoskins were to be re-signed and the team would do the changes above, here is a potential projected lineup: 1) DH Kyle Schwarber 2) SS Trea Turner 3) RF Bryce Harper 4) 1B Rhys Hoskins 5) 2B Bryson Stott 6) C J.T. Realmuto 7) LF Nick Castellanos 8) 3B Alec Bohm 9) CF Brandon Marsh subs INF Edmundo Sosa, OF Christian Pache, OF Johan Rojas, C Garrett Stubbs, with the last spot being open to a battle from spring training.

If Hoskins isn't resigned and a trade would be made to solidify the outfield, could the Phillies make the move for another former National?