6 most interesting landing spots for Shohei Ohtani this offseason

Where could Shohei Ohtani land this offseason? Here are six possibilities, from the boring choice to the favorite one.
Oakland Athletics v Los Angeles Angels
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3. Atlanta Braves

As we discussed here, Ohtani having interest in the Atlanta Braves makes sense at every level when you look at the market, lineup, and how he would fit into this team. After Charlie Morton likely leaves next offseason, you have a clear pitcher to step in. Signing Ohtani makes your already incredible lineup unstoppable. Who wants to attempt to wade through a team that would have four legitimate MVP contenders in their top five?

Ohtani knows that joining this lineup will give him far more chances to hit and a chance to play in meaningful games. The problem with this deal is it is outside of Atlanta's comfort zone. The franchise tends to target bargain veteran deals and extend their own talent. This is a great mentality and clearly working. However, Ohtani could be the missing piece that pushes you back to the World Series and continued regular season dominance.

4. New York Mets

Only the Cardinals could contend with the Mets last season when it comes to the most frustrating teams in the National League. The Mets clearly are so far behind the Braves and Phillies in their own division. They have an owner desperate to win and willing to spend whatever it takes. Adding Ohtani to a talented and underachieving core would make the Mets a must-watch team and give them back the steam they lost in the 2023 season.