Jon Garland Concerned About Future

Jon Garland did not sound like a very happy guy yesterday speaking with reporters.  I guess that’s what your first trip to the disabled list in 12 years will do to you.

Garland was able to throw for the first time since landing on the DL, but didn’t exactly seem enthused by the event.  The 31 year old not only expressed concerns about his return this season, but how the injury could impact his career.

“That’s the natural tendency,” Garland said. “It’s my livelihood. I’ve depended on my arm for quite a long time and the first thought is, ‘Is this it?’ I just have to stay positive and hope I get back.”

I would guess that Garland is perhaps overreacting a bit, seeing as this is his first trip to the DL with a serious injury.  But from the time the discomfort originated there were concerns that this could be something more severe than some suspected.

Garland described the injury to and how it’s been prevalent over the years.

“The inflammation kept building,” he said. “It’s been there, probably my whole career. The wear and tear over the years, it get to the point where the body tries to compensate, and with everything else, it’s taken its toll. I had never had a severe injury. But with every throw, every pitch I was feeling something. The last few outings, it wasn’t fun for me.”

Top prospect Rubby De La Rosa has taken over for Garland in the Dodgers’ rotation.  Though he’s been able to win 2 of the 3 games he’s started, the 22 year old has struggled.  In the 3 games, De La Rosa has walked 11 batters and allowed 9 runs in 14.2 innings of work.

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