CttP Weekly Recap : 9/16/11 - 9/22/11

Because we don’t want our readers to miss any of our featured posts or stories, we’ve decided to start putting out a weekly  recap here at Call to the Pen.  Every Friday we’ll be taking a look at our more in depth stories and opinions from the previous week.


Mickey took a look at Pablo Sandoval’s unexpected cycle.


Joe compared James Shields and David Price and broke down Doug Fister’s breakout year.

Fister also made his way into Mickey’s conversation about the Detroit Tigers clinching the AL Central.

Along with his post on the Tigers, Mickey told us how Josh Beckett got back to business in his return for the Red Sox.


Joe jumped into his time machine to give us all a closer look at a figure from yesteryear.


Sorry Giants fans, Mickey kicked off the work-week by telling your club to stay home come October.  Even so, Mickey told us all why the National League playoffs were shaping up to be a good time.


Tim gave us a history lesson that showed why a 2011 Red Sox collapse would not be the worst fail of all-time.

Joe took some time to shed light on the greatness that has been Mariano Rivera.

Mickey gave us two key players that could help the Rangers find their way back to the top and explained why the Red Sox could use some support from Erik Bedard.


Joe explained why Roy Halladay is clearly the favorite to take home the National League Cy Young award.


Mickey had a busy day.  First he took a look at the situation surrounding Brandon Phillips and his call for an extension.  Next, he recapped the Yankees AL East clinching victory and finished the day off by checking in on the red-hot St. Louis Cardinals.

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