Yoenis Cespedes Rumors: Cubs Leading Suitors for Cespedes

Yesterday we took a look at the impact playing in the Dominican Winter League might have on Yoennis Cespedes and his pending major league contract.  This apparently hasn’t caused all teams to turn away from Cespedes, as it’s now being reported that the Chicago Cubs are the most serious suitors for the Cuban’s services.  The Cubs are one of the many teams that have been tied to Cespedes this offseason including the Yankees, Phillies, Rangers, Blue Jays, White Sox, Marlins, Orioles, Tigers, Indians and Nationals.

Last week, Cespedes told reporters that there were six clubs that, up until that point, had showed “more interest” in the slugger than others.  This list included the Cubs as well as the Marlins, White Sox, Orioles, Tigers and Indians.

Last night a report came out in which Cespedes was quoted as saying “of all the teams who have come, the Chicago Cubs have been most interested”.

Chicago has expressed interest in Cespedes, though it’s hard to predict which teams will seriously be in the mix once the 26-year-old hits the free agent market.  Many teams have indicated that they’d be turned off if the outfielder’s demands ultimately reach the $50-60 million range.  While some think these lofty figures are unrealistic, others admit that one cannot predict what will take place during free agency.

In addition to the Cubs, the Marlins, White Sox and Tigers have been closely tied to Cespedes this offseason.  The other Chicago club offers Cespedes a team that has experience helping Cuban players transition to the majors.  Marlins team president David Samson has said that his club is set to be “aggressive right to the point of stupidity” once Cespedes hits the market.  Tigers brass has traveled to watch Cespedes workout in the DR, and, with news of Victor Martinez’s recent injury, Detroit’s level of interest in Yoennis may increase.

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