The Buzz: Instant Replay In MLB


As we all know by now, the MLB postseason features the elite teams from the past season. It is in October where players earn their salary, Managers become hot commodities, and Major League Baseball gets its most recognition. However, you would think in such a meaningful period, Major League Baseball would put it’s best umpires forth. However, that is not the case as this postseason has been marred by controversial call after controversial call. Thus, furthering the reasoning that Major League Baseball implement instant replay for all scenarios that occur during a game. Not just exclusively for determining whether a home run was fair or foul.

The biggest argument against implementation of instant replay in Baseball is that it would only extend what is an already long period of time for a game to be finished. But wouldn’t you rather make sure that there are no questions or controversies in the game, instead of worrying about how long the game is going to take. This season is the prime example, whether it being Jim Joyce’s blown call that eliminated a perfect game, or recently the lack of an accurate strike zone by the postseason umpires.

If Major League Baseball wants to keep competition and fairness at it’s pique during games as we head into the future, instant replay has got to be enforced on all situations. They have already begun allowing instant replay on debated home runs, and should continue to open up the use of instant replay on all types of scenarios that play out during the game. While, I do have the utmost respect and trust for the four umpires that participate in games, I just feel there is no possible way in which they can make the correct call all the time.

I have spent my past three summers being an umpire for little league games, and while I am highly regarded in the league that I umpire, I can honestly tell you that there is a lot going on in the umpire’s mind other than the current play at the moment. There are so many variable that go into every single play for an umpire, that it is nearly impossible to make the correct call on every play. While you may have doubt in the the call you made, you are trained to remain confident and stand by the decision you made no matter how much doubt may exist. You have better believe that the major league umpires are going through the exact same thought process, when they make a questionable call.

By allowing the use of instant replay, Major League Baseball would be eliminating that doubt that persists from a game that featured a controversial call by an umpire. Because the umpire’s would now know that if they did not have the confidence in their call or there was an argument, they can review the replay and then correct the call if needed.

I am sick and tired of year after year the postseason has to be brought into question over controversial calls made by umpires during the postseason games. It is time that Major League Baseball follow what all other professional sports are doing, and utilize the use of instant replay. Then we would no longer have the doubt in our mind over whether or not the better team won.