Roy Oswalt is aiming to Roy Oswalt is aiming to

Oswalt Hoping for August Return


Roy Oswalt is aiming to return to the mound for the Phillies this August.  The right hander received positive reports Friday in that he is not dealing with a herniated disk.  Still the situation is serious enough that it’s a matter of if, not when Oswalt will pitch again.

This Friday, an MRI showed that Oswalt is dealing with a mild bulging disk in his lower back.  The 33 year old and doctors have several options to consider as far as rehabilitation goes.  The process will likely include a combination of time off, injections and exercise.

Oswalt has dealt with back issues in his past, but he said that this year he knew he was experiencing something different than before.

"“The symptoms I had in the past have always been around my hip,” Oswalt said. “And for the last two, three weeks, it’s gotten lower and lower down toward my knee. I’ve always heard when it gets to your foot, it’s not too good.”"

Oswalt will receive a second opinion sometime this week from a doctor that has worked with him in the past.  The team will then determine what the pitcher’s road to hopeful recovery will look like.

The starter has been emphatic that he does want to try to come back for the Phils and will do his best to get healthy again before thinking about leaving the game.

"“The biggest thing is they brought me here to win, and I haven’t felt I’ve given enough back to the team as far as the winning aspect of it,” Oswalt said. “I’m trying to do what I can do to get back. But if you can’t pitch, you have to [retire].”"