CttP Podcast: Giancarlo Stanton Trade, True Home Run King?

MIAMI, FL - AUGUST 15: Giancarlo Stanton
MIAMI, FL - AUGUST 15: Giancarlo Stanton /

Welcome to the sixth episode of the Call to the Pen flagship podcast! New episodes will be up every Monday and Wednesday. In this episode we discuss Giancarlo Stanton clearing waivers, as well as the possibility of a Stanton trade.

Welcome to the sixth episode of the Call to the Pen flagship podcast! New episodes Monday and Wednesday. Today we discuss the possibility of a Giancarlo Stanton trade, given he recently cleared waivers, as well as potential hurdles to such a deal given the recent sale of the Marlins to a group led by Derek Jeter.

In today’s episode, host and Call to the Pen contributor Jonathan Platek discusses the ins and outs of a trade of Giancarlo Stanton by the Miami Marlins to any contending team. Jon breaks down possible suitors for Stanton, as well as possible packages that could be put together for the slugger.

Jon also discusses the concept of a “true” home run king, and decides whether Stanton would be a “true” king should he break the single-season total of Yankees great Roger Maris.

Here’s what is going on in today’s episode:

  • 0:00—6:25: Intro and Scoreboard. Jon gives you the scores and highlights of yesterday’s action in MLB.
  • 6:26—12:30: A breakdown of possible landing spots for Giancarlo Stanton should the Marlins choose to deal him. Which teams would be acquiring their best player, and where could he play?
  • 12:31—33:20: Jon breaks down suitors for Giancarlo Stanton, centering on the Colorado Rockies and Houston Astros. What kinds of packages could the Rockies and Astros put together for Stanton, where would he fit in their future plans, and where would he make the best fit? Jon also breaks down possible hurdles to any deal for Stanton, chief of which is the pending sale of the team to an ownership group led by Derek Jeter.

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  • 33:21—Close: What’s Hot on Call to the Pen. Jon discusses and breaks down some great columns and content from Call to the Pen contributors, the posts discussed are linked below.
    • First up is Jason Burke’s column discussing the concept of a true home run king. If Stanton were to break Maris’ record in 2017, could he rightly be viewed as the single-season home run champion, given the steroid history and allegations floating around Sammy Sosa, Mark McGwire and Barry Bonds?
    • Next is Benjamin Chase discussing the growing—or decreasing—trend of stolen bases in baseball. Jon discusses possible explanations for this, citing a change of player type and emphasis on out preservation.