CttP Podcast: Ichiro Not a HoFer, AL Wild Card Race, Umpire Protest

PHILADELPHIA, PA - AUGUST 22: Ichiro Suzuki /

Welcome to the Call to the Pen flagship podcast! In today’s episode, host and contributor Jon Platek discusses Ichiro’s Hall of Fame credentials, the AL Wild Card Race and the recent protest by MLB umpires!

In today’s episode, host and Call to the Pen contributor Jonathan Platek discusses the qualifications (or not) of Ichiro Suzuki’s bid for the Hall of Fame. Jon discusses whether Ichiro is the “true” Hit King in baseball, breaking down the various cases for or against him and Pete Rose wearing the crown.

Jon also breaks down in detail the AL Wild Card race, discussing which teams are leading the race, exploring their chances, as well as the chances of some teams that are currently on the outside looking in as we head into September.

Here’s what is going on in today’s episode:

  • 0:00—10:19: Intro and Scoreboard. Jon gives you the scores and highlights of yesterday’s action in MLB.
  • 10:20—15:40: A discussion of why people choose to believe Ichiro Suzuki is the true all-time hits leader in professional baseball over Pete Rose. Maybe people should just say they like Ichiro more than Rose because Pete Rose is unlikeable?
  • 15:41—20:30: Jon discusses the Hall of Fame credentials of Ichiro in the modern context. Going by most acceptable Hall of Fame indicators, Ichiro is at the very best a fringe HoF candidate. How long was his dominance as a player? What has the last quarter of his career looked like, value-wise? Are these the credentials of someone who should be remembered as one of the greatest to ever play the game?
  • 20:31—30:27: Jon discusses the hottest postseason race in Major League Baseball: the race for the AL’s two Wild Card spots. Jon discusses the credentials of the teams currently holding onto the berths, but spends more time looking at the potential for teams on the outside looking in to make a run at either spot. Are the Rangers able to break free from a run of bad luck to make the postseason the year they traded Yu Darvish? Will Mike Trout be able to singlehandedly will the Angels into the postseason?

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  • 30:28—Close: Jon discusses the recent silent (and one-day) protest of MLB umpires in the wake of increasing criticism of their craft by players like Ian Kinsler. Jon further discusses the idea of humanity in baseball, and while “getting the call right” sounds nice and all, can you imagine a game without the discourse spawned by human officiating of the game?