St. Louis Cardinals: Possible Randal Grichuk Trade Destinations

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Randal Grichuk trade possibilities
Randal Grichuk trade possibilities /

Toronto Blue Jays

Next season will include big changes to the Toronto Blue Jays’ outfield. Jose Bautista won’t be invited back. Left field is also a huge question mark with several candidates vying for the job. Only center fielder Kevin Pillar seems to have a roster spot locked up. So, with two holes in the corner outfield, the Blue Jays have a pair of reasons to look at Grichuk.

The obvious trade between the Cardinals and Blue Jays involves Josh Donaldson going to St. Louis for Grichuk and at least one other young player. Donaldson is a free agent after 2018 and expected to earn a big payday somewhere other than Toronto. Would this entice the Blue Jays enough to sell the former American League MVP?

The beauty of trading Donaldson for Grichuk is that the Blue Jays don’t necessarily concede the season. With the expected savings, the Blue Jays could then fill other needs. Donaldson is leaving regardless of everything else. Why not trade him for something now and retool at other positions?

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There are lots of third basemen out there. Plus, the Cardinals have a surplus and may even part with someone else, such as Jedd Gyorko. Wherever it is Grichuk plays in 2018, expect trade rumors to swirl and his name to appear on the tips of many GM’s tongues.