Houston Astros: We’re all witnessing the sports story of the year

HOUSTON, TX - OCTOBER 14: Jose Altuve
HOUSTON, TX - OCTOBER 14: Jose Altuve /

The Houston Astros are a team on a mission, and right now it looks like nothing can stop them in their quest for their first World Series title.

With a runner on first base and Aroldis Chapman on the mound, the Houston Astros looked to save Game 2 from going into extra innings. The New York Yankees despite their flaws coming into the postseason have all but proven everyone wrong after defeating not only the Minnesota Twins, but overcoming a 2-0 series deficit to the projected American League winning Cleveland Indians. But this isn’t the year the Yankees return to the Fall Classic.

Facing one of the hardest-throwing pitchers on the planet, Carlos Correa, who already homered controversially earlier in the game, did the improbable by knocking in Jose Altuve all the way from first base. Despite the Yankees proving they are a complete team, and have earned the right to be called the second best team in the American League, it’s just not enough to overcome this Astros team.

Anyone else remember the New Orleans Saints the year they won the Super Bowl? No one could stand in their way of hoisting that Lombardi Trophy, and we may just be witnessing the same thing here for Houston. After the tragedy and loss this city endured, it’s almost magical watching this city rock inside of Minute Maid Park. A whole city is witnessing what the rest of the country is seeing, and that is that this Astros team simply cannot be counted out.

Since losing Game 3 to the Boston Red Sox something has awakened in this Astros squad, and they have come out swinging… literally. While the Yankees have done a superb job limiting Houston’s bats to only four runs through two games, this team continues to find ways to win. I mean, just look at Dallas Keuchel and Justin Verlander. You’re going to tell me that there is a better 1-2 punch remaining in the playoffs?

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In the first two games, you have Keuchel and Verlander both going past the seventh inning, and the veteran Verlander pitching nine innings while striking out 13. The Yankees have a great team, and by no means am I discrediting the miraculous run that they have gone on this season, but facts don’t lie.

The Houston Astros are not only playing for hardware, but for a city. A community. When a team is playing for something bigger than themselves, they will find a way to win, and with the Astros now turning their attention to the Bronx, this may get interesting, but then again they may not.

By winning the first two in Houston, the Astros need to simply win one of three in New York, and the rest is simple. Statistically, the Astros also play better on the road, and the Yankees will also face Keuchel two more times before this series is over.

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The city of Houston is putting all they have into this Astros team. Not because they want to see their team win their first ever World Series (I mean, of course they do), but because it’s uniting a city in one of its darkest times. When sports can be a beacon of hope or unite people from all walks of life, then there is something special happening. We’re all witnessing the sports story of the year, and you best believe it’s only getting started.