Baltimore Orioles may have reached the bottoming out point

As bad as the Baltimore Orioles have been in 2018, they may have reached their nadir with their performance in June.

At this point, it is difficult to come up with a new way to describe the Baltimore Orioles struggles in 2018. There are only so many comparisons that can go around, so many ways to describe the level of ineptitude that the Orioles have reached. After all, they are still chasing the worst record of the modern era, lowering the bar for haplessness throughout the game.

While there may no longer be words to adequately describe the Orioles struggles, they managed to outdo themselves during the month of June. Although the Orioles were 6-20 that month, they somehow managed to avoid getting a single win against the American League. Yes, the Orioles were 0-15 against the AL last month.

Somehow, despite playing three game series against the the Braves and Nationals, the Orioles were able to take six games against the National League. Given their struggles, it is somewhat amazing that they were 3-3 in those six games, especially given how the those teams have performed. Of course, the other games were against the Mets and Marlins, so that winning record against the NL during June makes a bit more sense.

As depressing a month as June may have been, that failure against the American League served its purpose. The Orioles are currently in possession of the worst record in baseball, barreling towards the first overall pick in the 2019 MLB Amateur Draft. Given the status of their farm system, the Orioles could certainly use that pick.

Even though the 2018 campaign is only going to get worse once the Orioles begin to sell, it is difficult to imagine a performance like that occurring in another month. Yes, the Orioles do play in a difficult division with the Red Sox and Yankees, along with a surprising Rays team. However, it is not as though the Blue Jays are contenders this year. And, considering how many other teams in the AL are racing to the bottom, a win or three should happen.

Except, it seems, for the month of June. In a miserable season for the Baltimore Orioles, that performance may well be the nadir of 2018.