New York Mets: Alex Rodriguez continues on in desperation

Although the New York Mets sale is essentially official, Alex Rodriguez is still desperately hoping for a miracle.

The sale of the New York Mets is all but complete. Steve Cohen is set to become the majority owner of the franchise, spending a record $2.475 billion to do so. The contract has been signed, and it is almost official – Cohen just needs to have the approval of at least 23 of the other major league owners to take control of the team.

Alex Rodriguez is now banking on that caveat. In the event that the owners do not approve Cohen, he has made it known that he is willing to match that price for the Mets.

This is just the latest desperate ploy for Rodriguez. He had initially claimed that the bidding process was rigged in Cohen’s favor. When that failed, he tried to court public opinion by guaranteeing a World Series title within a decade, or he and Jennifer Lopez would make a sizeable donation to New York area charities. And now, he is hoping for another miracle.

However, there is a problem with his latest hope. Cohen is already a partial owner of the Mets, making him a familiar presence amongst the different owners. He also reportedly had the 23 vote minimum locked up when the initial negotiations were taking place before the Wilpon’s idiocy scuttled that deal.

But that is not deterring Rodriguez. He is still holding out hope, even if he has a slimmer chance than Lloyd Christmas at getting what he wants. Maybe, just maybe, Cohen does something in the next few weeks to cause him to lose those votes. If that happens, Rodriguez and company will be waiting.

In reality, it may be better for Rodriguez to simply wait for another team to come available. Maybe it will not be as glamorous as the Mets would be, but Rodriguez would likely have to spend less to acquire the team. And, if he can turn that franchise into a perennial contender, he could finally get the love he has been craving.

Alex Rodriguez still wants to purchase the New York Mets. He just cannot accept that it is not happening.