MLB Trade Deadline: 20 wackiest trade stories in league history

MLB History (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)
MLB History (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images) /
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Harry Chiti
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Wackiest MLB trade stories in league history: 13. Back to square one

Harry Chiti wasn’t good enough to drag a team to championship contention. With that said, he was a solid overall piece that brought value to every franchise he played for. The New York Mets valued Chiti, possibly more than the team who had him in the Cleveland Indians.

In return for his services, the Mets promised to deliver the Indians a player that they would name later. In a weird turn of events, nothing went according to plan for the New York based team. They finished the season as the laughing stocks of the league as they compiled a record of 40-120-1.

After hitting a pathetic .195 in 15 games with the Mets, the franchise didn’t want any parts of Chiti any longer. So, remember that player the Mets agreed to send back to the Indians at a later date? Well, they made their decision. They sent back Harry Chiti.

Ironically enough, he never suited up for the Indians anyways. With his production so minuscule to say the least, Chiti was never seen on a professional baseball field ever again.